Barnaby Jones/Dark Legacy

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Dark Legacy
Airdate March 3, 1974
Production Number 9771
Writer(s) Robert W. Lenski
Director(s) Gene Nelson
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Rendezvous with Terror
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Woman in the Shadows
Barnaby JonesSeason Two

Dark Legacy is the twenty-first episode of the second season of Barnaby Jones, and the thirty-fourth episode overall.

Guest Star: David Wayne (Raymond Lennox / "Steele")

Special Guest Star: Eileen Heckart (Virginia Lennox / "Steele")

Co-Starring: Nick Nolte (Paul Barringer), Paul Fix (Amos Barringer), Barbara Stanger (Marilyn Barringer), Mark Goddard (Frank Halliday), John Carter (Lt. Biddle)

With: Bill Zuckert (guard), Meg Wyllie (Housekeeper), Roy Engel (salesman), Hal Riddle (motel manager)


Plot Overview

An elderly couple, who are among the heirs to a fortune, kill off some of the other heirs and make the murders look like accidents.