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Super Banzai Video Show
Super Banzai Video Show
Release Date November 11, 2002
Format DVD
Region Region 2
Distributor Universal Home Video
Disc Count 1
Episode Count
Running Time 75 minutes
Retail Price £9.99
Video Pan and Scan (4:3)
Audio English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles N/A


A best-of collection made from the first season of Banzai along with 20 minutes of new material. Some of the bets recorded by Channel 4 were too controversial even for the video and had to be edited out before getting a certificate but fans will be delighted to know that the video and DVD doesn't disappoint with sensational gambles that were considered too extreme for TV and featuring extra shocking and crazy bets. Expect the unexpected and you'll still be amazed by games including 'Doggy Death Row', 'Hitler Ventriloquist' and 'Cockroach Wheel Of Misfortune'.

With incredible interactive games that allow the viewer to actually place bets (if you win, you'll unlock the secret hidden section), the DVD will get viewers placing bets on the weight of Pete Beale's bollocks, supermarket trolley jousting and synchronised swear word swimming! The DVD also features a host of extras including bloopers and bets that went wrong and brand new bets.

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