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Avatar: The Last Airbender
Actor [[Kim Mai Guest]]
First Appearance 2x02 - The Cave of Two Lovers
Last Appearance 2x02 - The Cave of Two Lovers
Series Billing
Episode Count 1
Notable Episodes 2x02 - The Cave of Two Lovers
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Basic Information

Song is a young woman who meets Zuko and Iroh when treating Iroh for drinking the poisonous white jade plant. She invites the two to dinner with her mother, thinking they are refugees from the war. Years earlier, Song's father was abducted by the Fire Nation in a raid on their farming village and she was left with scars on her legs. Believing that Zuko was also wounded by the Fire Nation due to his scar, she tries to connect to the exiled Prince but to no avail.

Character History

Song has only appeared in one episode so far, Chapter 2 of Book 2 (2x02 - The Cave of Two Lovers)

Memorable Moments



Song: You two look like you could use a good meal. Why don't you stay for dinner.
Zuko: Sorry, but we need to be moving on.
Song: That’s too bad. My mom always makes too much roast duck.
Iroh: Where do you live, exactly?
Song: I know you don't think there's any hope left in the world, but there is hope. The Avatar has returned.