Australian Idol/Season Two/Placement and Results

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Semifinals Finals
Contestant 1 2 3 W 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Daniel Belle X 8th Place
Meri Bosenavulagi Voted Off
Gabriel Cabrera Voted Off
Anthony Callea X X 2nd Place
Chanel Cole X 5th Place
Ricki-Lee Coulter X 7th Place
Tara Del Borrello X Voted Off
Yasmine Dia Voted Off
Casey Donovan X WON!
Ben Eaton Voted Off
Emily George X Voted Off
Christie Green Voted Off
Adrian Hood X Voted Off
Hayley Jensen X 4th Place
Ngaiire Joseph X Voted Off
Billie McCarthy Voted Off
Courtney Murphy X 3rd Place
Angie Narayan X 12th Place
Dan O'Connor X 11th Place
Garth Ploog X Voted Off
Emelia Rusciano X X 9th Place
Liza Schulberg X Voted Off
Chloe Skipp Voted Off
Laurence Sorbello Voted Off
Barry Southgate Voted Off
Prinnie Stevens Voted Off
Carlos Velazquez X Voted Off
Amali Ward X 10th Place
Nicole Wheatley Voted Off
Marty Worrall X X 6th Place
Eliminated Meri Bosenavulagi
Ben Eaton
Laurence Sorbello
Prinnie Stevens
Gabriel Cabrera
Yasmine Dia
Chloe Skipp
Barry Southgate
Christie Green
Billie McCarthy
Nicole Wheatley
Tara Del Borrello
Emily George
Adrian Hood
Ngaiire Joseph
Garth Ploog
Liza Schulberg
Carlos Velazquez
Angie Narayan Dan O'Connor Amali Ward Emelia Rusciano Daniel Belle Ricki-Lee Coulter Marty Worrall Chanel Cole Hayley Jensen Courtney Murphy Anthony Callea