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Episode 6386
Season 26, Episode 160
Airdate August 16, 1989
Production Number 6384
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Another WorldSeason Twenty-Six
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Episode 6386 is the one-hundred sixtieth episode of the twenty-sixth season of Another World, and the six thousand three-hundred eighty-fourth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

After a busy evening together, Iris wants Lucas to stay for breakfast but he insists on leaving and says he'll call her later. Frankie tells Cass about her 2 conflicting cases. Caroline accuses Frankie of being jealous of her relationship with Cass. Michael leaves town on business without telling Donna. Jake bursts in demanding to know why Marley left town. Frankie is frustrated when Caroline and Cass have a private breakfast in his office. Derek tells Felicia he plans on telling Stacey that he can't see her anymore. Jake deduces that Marley thinks he has feelings for Vicky. Donna learns that Iris called Michael before he left. Frankie prepares a voodoo spell to keep Caroline away. Frankie tells Derek she's not jealous of Caroline. When Derek corrects Cass's quotation of Dickens, Cass is surprised by his knowledge. Iris tells Donna that Vicky swung the vote in her favor. Donna sees Lucas's tie and thinks it's Michael's. Lucas tells Frankie he wants his daughter found immediately. Marley calls home to talk to Michael and Jake answers but she hangs up on him. Iris reveals the truth about the tie and Donna is relieved to find out Michael's disappearance had nothing to do with Iris. Courtney wants to fingerprint Derek to see if his prints match those found in the Hudson's apartment. Iris holds Lucas' tie when she sees him with Felicia. Lucas is furious with her and says their dealings are private. Frankie realizes no art was stolen until Lucas came to town. Derek asks Cass not to tell Stacey he was fingerprinted. Donna cries in Jake's arms.



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