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Episode 6377
Season 26, Episode 151
Airdate August 3, 1989
Production Number 6375
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Another WorldSeason Twenty-Six
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Episode 6377 is the one-hundred fifty-first episode of the twenty-sixth season of Another World, and the six thousand three-hundred seventy-fifth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Russ gets angry when he learns from Sharlene that Josie is his daughter. Sharlene tries to explain herself but Liz comes in and calls Sharlene a liar. Josie hangs up after calling Matt and having Olivia answer. Reuben decides to call to straighten things out but Josie says if he does, she'll leave and never come back. Donna has a surprise for Vicky and Jamie. Mitch returns from New York with possible photo shoot pics for Iris. Lucas hires Frankie for some P.I. work. She and Stacey wonder if Lucas knows they're investigating him. Donna offers to send Vicky and Jamie on vacation to Majorca. Vicky asks Jamie to say yes. Liz says Sharlene didn't want to tell Russ the truth because she was afraid he'd take Josie, not because she didn't want to hurt him. Russ says he would have given Josie the best of everything had he known who she was. Russ calls Matt to see if he's found Josie yet. Olivia wants to call Narvo and apologize for Matt throwing him out. Matt tries to get her to see that Narvo only wanted to sleep with her. Reuben and Tess listen to Lilly Gerard on the radio and Lily asks that Riviera call back. Josie is listening and knows that she is Riviera. Jamie rejects the vacation offer, saying he has too many commitments. Vicky thinks he's committed to another woman and won't listen when Donna and Michael try and convince her otherwise. Vicky calls the hospital and finds out they're not expecting Jamie to come in. Lucas and Frankie go to meet with Iris and Mitch. Lucas tells them he hired Frankie to find his daughter. Iris is angry with Lucas for searching for his daughter while working for her. Vicky thinks Jamie has gone to see Stacey. Jamie goes to see Stacey and tells her that he can't trust Vicky but he still loves her. He asks Stacey to represent him in the separation and Stacey is surprised he wants to go through with it. Liz tries to warn John away from Sharlene but he's resolute in his love for her. Matt listens to the radio show when Josie calls in. He gets through to the station and begs them to connect him to Riviera. Matt tells Lilly how much he loves Josie and Josie hangs up without speaking. Iris tells Lucas about the unknown stock holder and he vows to find the person before Evan does. Donna asks Michael about their future and notices their Ming vase is missing. Vicky hears Jamie tell Stacey he'll come by her apartment later.



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