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Episode 4128
Season 17, Episode 188
Airdate October 7, 1980
Production Number 4126
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4128 is the one-hundred eighty-eighth episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand one-hundred twenty-sixth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Linda meets Zachary Colton and he asks her what she overheard the night Rachel and Ada were at the hospital with Mac. Linda reluctantly tells Colton that she heard Rachel tell Ada that Mitch being locked up was the next best thing to him being dead. Colton runs into Mac and Mac tells him to wrap this investigation up and stop harassing them. Colton tells Mac he needs proof to wrap up the case. An angry Mac accuses him of continuing to use this situation to get publicity and warns him to leave them alone. Mac also tells him that if Rachel dies or she loses the baby Colton will be guilty of murder. Charlie tells Clarice he followed her to the park to make sure Robert wouldn't cause any trouble. Clarice tells Charlie that Robert won't bother them anymore. Then Cory enters and tells Charlie how he met a nice man in the park that knows his mom. Philip leaves and then Pat gets a call from Robert Delaney and accepts a dinner invitation. In bed, Jerry starts talking to Amy about Kit and Joey again and he finally calls Joey. Joey tells Jerry he called Kit and she was out with Brad. Then Joey hangs up. Jerry decides to call Kit but Amy starts kissing him instead. Jerry calls Miranda to make sure that Kit gets the message from Joey. Brad and Kit come home and Miranda finally tells her that Joey called. Kit tries to call Joey but doesn't get an answer. Brad asks Miranda and Kit to dinner but Miranda says she has plans so Kit goes with Brad alone. Robert visits Pat and while they have a drink, she tells him that Alice and Marianne are in Chicago and Michael is in Florida with his wife. Pat also mentions that Russ is back from Houston and head of Cardiology. Then they talk about his wife, Olivia, and Cory. Robert tells Pat that he has seen Cory. He also says he doesn't know who he is or where he is going. Joey visits Miranda and learns that Kit is out having a bite to eat with Brad. Then Joey has words with Miranda. Joey tells Miranda he wants to make things work with Kit. Miranda tells him she wants to keep him from causing Kit any more pain. Jason finds Tracy seeming sad and she tells him she thought she might be pregnant but she isn't yet. So Jason tries to cheer her up. Zachary tells Miranda he would like to call her for the prosecution as a reluctant witness. He also asks her to be a best friend to the Cory's. At the Supper Club, Robert tells Pat he wants to be a part of Cory's life. Then Brad and Kit arrive for dinner just before Tracy begins to sing. Joey arrives at the club but when he sees Kit with Brad decides not to stay. Miranda arrives at the hospital to keep Mac company.



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