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Episode 4114
Season 17, Episode 174
Airdate September 17, 1980
Production Number 4112
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4114 is the one-hundred seventy-fourth episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand one-hundred twelfth episode overall.


Guest Starring: Celia Weston (Clarice Ewing)



Plot Overview

Russ comes home and finds Tracy with Jason. Jason tells Russ he was comforting Tracy about Mitch's death. Russ tells them there was an accident, Rachel shot Mitch and the police don't know how the fire in the stables got started. Then Russ defends Rachel to Jason. Mitch stumbles upon a couple of crooks who don't see him. Jamie visits Ada and Charlie at the Cory's and they tell him that they do not know why Mitch was in the stables. Ada also tells Jamie she doesn't like the way Zachary Colton was treating Rachel. When Jason leaves, Brian arrives at Russ and Tracy's and tells Russ he thinks Rachel is withholding something. Russ tells Brian that he has to get his information from Rachel because she is his client. Ada tells Charlie she didn't like the way Zachary Colton made Larry read Rachel her rights like a common criminal. Ada is also worried that Rachel refuses to tell Mac the baby isn't his. Then she realizes that Donald Tanner knows the baby Rachel is carrying isn't Mac's. Mitch hides in the camper as the couple leave town heading for Montana. In the morning as Kit, Amy, and Craig are ready to leave for the north woods, Craig tells Kit and Amy that Cindy Lee isn't going because they had a fight last night. Kit tells Amy if Joey asked her not to go she would stay in a heartbeat. Miranda enters as they all leave and realizes she forgot to tell Kit that Joey called. On the phone, Clarice tells Ada not to worry about Nancy. Then Ada asks Larry to be there when Rachel is questioned if possible. He tells Ada not to worry about anything but Ada tells Larry she doesn't like Zachary Colton. Then Larry tells Clarice that there are a lot of questions that need answering yet. Gwen talks with Taylor about the situation with Rachel and then Gwen tells him she has decided to close up shop and move to Melbourne to be with Willis. Taylor tells Gwen he is tired of Joey's attitude but Gwen tells him that he may be coming around and called Kit last night but she had already gone to bed. Taylor also says that Miranda wants to talk to him about the assistant district attorney. Jamie holds a meeting with Liz, Philip, and Cecile about making sure Cory Publishers keeps going because Mac may be out for a few days and Cecile tells Jamie she will do all she can to help. When Liz and Philip leave the office, Jamie tells Cecile he thinks something seriously wrong is going on. Brian arrives to talk to Charlie and Ada. Brian tells Charlie and Ada that he thinks Rachel is keeping something from him. When he mentions talking to Mac about it he learns that Mac doesn't know what it is and Ada agrees to talk to Rachel. Miranda tells Taylor that Zachary Colton visited her last night because he overheard what she said about Mitch and Rachel. Miranda asks Taylor to do what he can to keep her out of it because she thinks Rachel is in big trouble.



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