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Episode 4083
Season 17, Episode 143
Airdate August 5, 1980
Production Number 4081
Writer(s) story
Tom King, Richard Soderberg
Joe Lesueuer, Dorothy Ann Purser, Barbara Seiger, Ronnie Wenker-Konner, Samuel D. Ratcliffe
Director(s) Melvin Bernhardt
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4083 is the one-hundred forty-third episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand eighty-first episode overall.


Guest Starring: Lois Markle (Nurse Grady), Debbie McLeod (Nurse Price), Robert Blackburn (Rev. Martin), Michael Ayr (Eddie), Alex Wipf (J.T.), Charles White (Farley)



Plot Overview

Larry arrives at Blaine's and demands to know why Jerry left her. Kit sees Russ at the hospital and tells him that she has been let go from the hospital and the head nurse was right to do so. Blaine tells Larry she isn't hiding anything but Larry doesn't believe her. Then Larry gets angry when he answers the phone to Buzz and walks out. Blaine decides she has a score to settle. Cecile tells Mac how terrible she feels about the pictures of Kit being printed in Brava. Then Mac suggests that Cecile do an article in Brava about Gwen. Taylor tells Gwen he wants her to do his next project. Then Joey and Rick enter and Kit calls. Joey tells everyone that Kit got fired from the hospital and leaves to go see her. Then Gwen learns that Cecile is here to see her. Jordan visits Blaine and learns that it is over for her and Jerry. Then Margo arrives and finds Blaine with Jordan. Margo meets Jordan and thinks she has seen him somewhere before. Margo tries to get Blaine to come and see Jerry with her but she tells Margo it is over for her and Jerry. Clarice tells Charlie she wrote Robert a letter telling him it would be best if he didn't come to town. Then Larry comes home angry, Charlie learns Blaine and Jerry broke up, and Larry tells them that he is through with Blaine. Cecile tells Gwen she wants to do an article on her for Brava. Gwen tells Cecile that she is on to her after what she did to Willis and threatens to go to Mac but Cecile tells Gwen she has covered her tracks nicely and Mac would never believe the article wasn't a misunderstanding. On Cecile's way out, Gwen tells her that Kit was fired from her job today. Joey tries to comfort Kit and then Mac arrives and apologizes for the pictures in Brava. Mac tells them that Cecile feels terrible about it and Kit tells Mac it was a misunderstanding. Then Miranda arrives and learns that Kit was fired from her job. Miranda tells Kit and Joey she wants to throw a dinner party for them to help cheer Kit up and invites Mac and Rachel. Mac tells Miranda that he isn't sure Rachel is up to it but Miranda tells him that Rachel seemed fine the last time she saw her with Mitch and the children. Margo meets Jerry in the park and Jerry tells her it is over for him and Blaine. Margo tells Jerry that Blaine is in trouble and he needs to find out why.




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