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Episode 4065
Season 17, Episode 127
Airdate July 10, 1980
Production Number 4063
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Another WorldSeason Seventeen
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Episode 4065 is the one-hundred twenty-seventh episode of the seventeenth season of Another World, and the four thousand sixty-third episode overall.


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Plot Overview

Alex visits Striker and Striker asks if seeing Mike Marshall bothered him last night. Alex said no and then Striker asks if it was Iris. Russ tells Ada of Mitch's visit and that he is afraid that Mitch is going to find out the truth about Rachel's baby. He also tells Ada that Mitch is meeting with Donald Tanner. Ada tells Russ that after Rachel saw Tanner, Mitch visited her to get information and he knows they are covering up something. Blaine asks Jerry to take her to the opening of the new casino but Jerry says no. Then Margo arrives and tells them that Cecile wants to interview her for an article on Vegas showgirls for Brava. At the Marshall Ranch Dawn introduces Dennis to her grandmother Kate, sister-in-law Ginny and nephew Steven Marshall. When Dawn and Dennis leave the room, Kate decides to call Mike to see if he knows about Dawn's interest in Dennis. Alex tells Striker he knew Iris 25 years ago. They met in Europe, fell in love but then he left her. He adds he can't just come back into her life without knowing what her life is like now. Then Reena enters and winds up mentioning to them about the fact that Iris is getting a divorce and has been unhappy lately. When Alex leaves, Striker tells Reena that everything has been put into motion for the training program. Then they plan a news release for KVIK and Striker tells Reena he wants her to get along with Vicky. Reena agrees to give Samantha a call. Mac and Jamie meet with Mr. Tanner and during the course of their conversation Mac mentions that he is having a baby in the late fall. Dawn and Dennis return to Western Art and both meet Billy Joe who is there with Nita. When alone, Dawn tells Dennis that she can tell that Kate likes him. Then Dennis kisses Dawn. Jordan shows up at Blaine's and learns from Blaine that she is in a mess with Buzz. Jordan offers to talk to Buzz for her and she agrees. Brian tells Mac that Pat doesn't want to come back to work. Mac asks if Pat was drinking wine when they talked and Brian says yes. Then Miranda arrives and invites Mac and Rachel to dinner next week. Mac tells Miranda that he will be out of town next week. Craig Caldwell tells Kit that Cindy Lee is just a diversion and that he feels bad for the stories about Kit. Then Brad joins them to use the pool. Jordan visits Buzz in his room and tells him it's over for him and Blaine. Terry and Alex plan to send Iris a gift. Then in flashbacks, Alex tells Terry of his last night with Iris and how she asked to go with him back to Texas and he left her after making love because he couldn't tell her that he had nothing to offer her. Alex also says that when the ship sailed away he saw a girl in white and wondered if it was Iris. Terry orders the flowers with a card that simply reads "I am sorry I missed our breakfast." Ada tells Charley about Russ's visit and then Mac enters and asks them to watch Rachel while he is traveling. He then adds that he is completely free of that book and that unlike the book, his story is going to have a happy ending.


  • This was Gregory Sutton's first appearance as Steven Marshall.
  • This was Josephine Nichols' first appearance as Kate Marshall.
  • This was Barbara Rucker's first appearance as Ginny Marshall.


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