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Episode 1086
Season 5, Episode 184
Airdate September 20, 1968
Production Number 1086
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Another WorldSeason Five
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Episode 1086 is the one-hundred eighty-fourth episode of the fifth season of Another World, and the one thousand eighty-sixth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

John shared the good news about Sam with Pat, but they both worried about Lee. Walter dropped in for a meeting, and he and John wondered where Bill was. Bill was puzzled when Liz placed the blame on Walter, as he wasn't thinking of the trial. He decided to dissemble and led Liz into telling him everything step by step. Treading eggs, he got her to relate how the perfidious Walter hoodwinked her into getting the proof that Missy was pregnant, which was the cornerstone of his case. Missy was embarrassed for Pat when Rachel said she suspects it isn't over between Sam and Lahoma. Rachel informed them it was Russ's opinion she should wait to have another baby due to her heart condition, but Pat later confided to Missy that was a lie. Bill asked his mother if she had a whipping boy to blame for driving Missy out of town, and rehashed everything she did with her little hatchet.



The Show

Allusions and References


  • Bill: Mother! Didn't you hear what I said? I know what you did to Missy! I know what a contemptible thing you did to my wife!

(the scene fades to black)

  • Announcer: We'll return to our story in just a moment.

  • Bill: You had driven Missy out of town.
  • Liz: (terribly contrite) Yes, Bill.
  • Bill: You had driven her away from me!
  • Liz: Yes, yes.
  • Bill: You had prevented my marriage to Missy!
  • Liz: Yes, Bill, I admit it. I admit everything.