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Episode 1013
Season 5, Episode 111
Airdate June 7, 1968
Production Number 1013
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Another WorldSeason Five
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Episode 1013 is the one-hundred eleventh episode of the fifth season of Another World, and the one thousand thirteenth episode overall.


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Plot Overview

In adding up the bill, Rachel had to count on her fingers to find out the sum of 6 and 8. John told Pat that far from inviting Liz to their dinner party, they should in fact expose her. Liz was put out when Bill told Missy that Pat invited them, not her, to dinner. For once words failed Liz when Missy suggested she try to forget her fight with Pat. Lenore showed Lahoma her swatches and admired how understanding she was about Lee and Sam considering her own feelings for Sam. John rejected Liz's olive branch, threatening instead to tell Missy that Liz had been about to pay Danny to leave Bay City with her. Liz, who insisted she wouldn't have gone to the party if she were paid, was furious at Fred for toasting the party's exclusive "younger generation." Walter, Lenore, Bill, Missy, and John appreciatively took a sip when Pat toasted happy endings. John told Walter that Liz has Missy buffaloed. John was horrified when Walter got it off his chest that Liz had listened in on a private conversation between Bill and Pat and reported to him that Missy was pregnant, a fact that led to her conviction.



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