Angel from Hell/Season One

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Season One
Angel from Hell
Season Premiere January 7, 2016
Season Finale July 23, 2016
Episode Count 13
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Season One of Angel from Hell premiered on January 7, 2016.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 Pilot Tad Quill Don Scardino January 7, 2016 8.134M 1.6% AFH101
Allison, a successful, driven doctor, runs into Amy, a larger than life, eccentric woman who claims to be her "guardian angel," and whose mission is to help Allison loosen up and see her life from a new perspective.
2 2 Face Your Fears Jim Brandon &
Brian Singleton
Clark Mathis January 14, 2016 6.992M 1.3% AFH112
Allison asks New Kids On The Block favorite Joey McIntyre to help her patch up a relationship with an old friend as part of a lesson Amy's trying to teach her about facing her fears.
3 3 Go with Your Gut Chris Harris Don Scardino January 21, 2016 7.025M 1.4% AFH102
Allison takes Amy to a nightclub to help her stop over-thinking everything and let loose, while Marv, suspicious of his daughter's odd new friend, does a background check on Amy.
4 4 Family Business Austen Earl Craig Zisk January 28, 2016 6.758M 1.4% AFH103
When Marv balks at allowing Allison to make some changes to their dermatology practice, Amy creates a temporary position for herself in order to help them work things out.
5 5 Soulmates Chadd Gindin Don Scardino February 4, 2016 6.341M 1.4% AFH105
Amy's plan to get Allison to stop caring about "looking stupid" backfires when Allison makes a spontaneous decision that leads her to meet her soulmate before she's supposed to.
6 6 Angel Probation Jim Brandon &
Brian Singleton
Jay Karas July 2, 2016 1.669M 0.3% AFH106
Amy is required to perform 10 good deeds to earn her angel powers back after losing them by cheating at a game.
7 7 Angel Appreciation Day Amy Mass Reggie Hudlin July 2, 2016 1.52% 0.3% AFH107
Amy must play guardian angel to both Allison and Brad after Allison accidentally kills Brad's angel, a honey bee.
8 8 Practice Guy Peter Tibbals &
Eric Goldberg
Steven Tsuchida July 9, 2016 1.915M 0.3% AFH108
When Allison is struck with dating jitters, Amy suggests she have a "fling" to work out her nerves.
9 9 Rain Check Austen Earl Linda Mendoza July 9, 2016 1.803M 0.3% AFH110
When Allison begins dating a new guy, Amy tries to finagle their first kiss before the "window of opportunity" closes to turn things into a lasting relationship.
10 10 Funsgiving Eric Goldberg &
Peter Tibbals
Tristram Shapeero July 16, 2016 1.715M 0.3% AFH104
When Allison reveals how stressful Thanksgiving was after the loss of her mother, Amy suggests a "Funsgiving" instead, with games and untraditional food.
11 11 The Flask Chadd Gindin Jay Chandrasekhar July 16, 2016 1.654M 0.3% AFH109
When Amy doesn't have enough money to pay her rent, Allison helps her find a job.
12 12 Believe Me (1) Annabel Oakes Don Scardino July 23, 2016 1.723M 0.2% AFH111
Allison and Amy try to keep Marv from hearing a conversation about guardian angels that they accidentally recorded on his answering machine.
13 13 Believe Me (2) Amy Mass Don Scardino July 23, 2016 1.568M 0.2% AFH113
After Amy survives a bus accident, she becomes determined to break up Allison's friend's wedding in order to put Allison's future on track.