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Season Two
American Housewife
Season Premiere September 27, 2017
Episode Count 24
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This is the current season of American Housewife.
Content may change as new information and details become available.

Season Two of American Housewife premiered on September 27, 2017.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
24 1 Back to School Rick Wiener &
Kenny Schwartz
Chris Koch September 27, 2017 5.657M 1.6% 201
Katie's efforts to get more time for herself backfire when she is forced to mend fences with the Westport moms by volunteering to run the school's spring gala. Meanwhile, Oliver proves to Katie that his passion for ballet is genuine, inspiring her to confront his belittling teacher and stick up for him. Taylor and Greg disagree over whether or not she needs to go to college while he teaches her how to drive.
25 2 Boar-Dain Brian Donovan &
Ed Herro
Rebecca Asher October 4, 2017 4.955M 1.4% 202
Despite pressure from Oliver, Greg and her rival, Tara, Katie insists she's going to plan the Spring Gala her way. After Oliver is emasculated by his ex-girlfriend, Greg attempts to teach Oliver how to "man up" by throwing a successful barbeque.
26 3 The Uprising Donald Diego John Putch October 11, 2017 5.024M 1.4% 203
Katie struggles with Taylor and Anna-Kat’s defiance, as Anna-Kat decides she’s now a vegetarian (under the influence of Tara Summers) and Taylor dies her hair blonde without Katie’s permission. Greg and Katie help Oliver come to terms with embarrassment after Oliver has a humiliating moment in ballet class.
27 4 The Lice Storm Bill Callahan Ken Whittingham October 18, 2017 5.11M 1.4% 204
When Anna-Kate brings home a lice infestation, Katie uses it to force bonding time with Taylor. Greg attempts to bond with Oliver (and avoid lice) by camping in the backyard, but Greg becomes concerned when Oliver keeps ditching their campout to be with their new sleazy neighbor named Spencer.
28 5 Boo-Who? Kat Likkel &
John Hoberg
Melissa Kosar October 25, 2017 4.749M 1.3% 205
Westport is known for its Halloween tradition of leaving an anonymous note and goodies on a neighbor's doorstep (called a "Boo"). Katie tries to play it cool but is absolutely giddy when the Ottos receive their first "Boo," only to find out it was put there by accident.
29 6 The Pig Whisperer Sarah Dunn Rebecca Asher November 1, 2017 4.527M 1.2% 207
Greg takes a stand against Katie's protests and employs an uncharacteristically dishonest tactic in order to convince her to let them keep Anna-Kat's beloved pet pig, Hans Gruber. Meanwhile, Oliver and Viv compete for the attention (and, ultimately, the money) of new neighbor Spencer Blitz; and Taylor considers leaving her boyfriend, Eyo, for an older guy.
30 7 Family Secrets Rick Wiener &
Kenny Schwartz
John Putch November 15, 2017 4.892M 1.3% 209
Greg makes big plans to impress his parents when they visit for Thanksgiving; but his vision is shattered when his neighbor Spencer and Katie's mom, Kathryn, arrive unannounced and nothing goes as intended.
31 8 Gala Auction Kat Likkel &
John Hoberg
John Putch November 29, 2017 4.507M 1% 206
After failing to get donations on her own terms, Katie gives in to the dark side and teams up with Oliver to bribe rich Westport families to donate big-ticket items for the spring gala. Greg decides to take Taylor and Anna-Kat to a Revolutionary War reenactment which Taylor finds lame until she starts a revolution of her own.
32 9 The Couple Taylor Hamra John Putch December 6, 2017 4.521M 1.2% 208
After feeling like their whole world and all of their conversations revolve around kids, Greg and Katie are ecstatic to meet new friends Zach and Courtney, a couple without children. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat coerces Taylor and Oliver into helping her with a storytelling project, which turns out to be a little more grisly than anticipated.
33 10 Blue Christmas Lindsey Stoddart Ken Whittingham December 13, 2017 4.789M 1.3% 210
When Doris goes into labor and Katie heads to the hospital to be with her, the Ottos struggle to be in the same place at the same time in order to open their Christmas presents together, as is the Otto family tradition. Meanwhile, Taylor coaches Oliver on the best way to ask out a crush, starting with the gift shop clerk.
34 11 Blondetourage Donald Diego Melissa Kosar January 3, 2018 4.742M 1.3% 211
Taylor enlists Oliver to help her carry out a scheme so she can ditch her less cool friend Ellen and go to a concert with her "blondetourage." Meanwhile, Katie is devastated when Anna-Kat doesn't need her as much anymore, which causes Katie to make some poor and desperate parenting decisions.
35 12 Selling Out Brian Donovan &
Ed Herro
Helen Hunt January 10, 2018 4.517M 1.2% 212
Katie is worried that the launch of Greg's new book might go poorly, so she enlists Angela and Doris to write positive reviews of the book online to boost his confidence. When the book unexpectedly does exceedingly well, Greg buys a new car without consulting Katie.
36 13 The Anniversary Bill Callahan David Bertman January 17, 2018 4.998M 1.3% 213
Katie and Greg dislike Taylor's new boyfriend, so they attempt to use reverse psychology to drive a wedge between them, which later backfires. After Spencer's over-the-top vision for Oliver's first date with a girl from his ballet class bombs, Greg helps Oliver make up for it with a romantic gesture.
37 14 Midlife Crisis Anthony Lombardo Melissa Kosar January 24, 2018 214
Katie takes Oliver out of school for a day to help loosen him up after Oliver suffers from a meltdown about something minor. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat takes Greg to the park to help him make new friends.
38 15 The Mom Switch Anthony Lombardo Melissa Kosar January 24, 2018 215
Katie takes Oliver out of school for a day to help loosen him up after Oliver suffers from a meltdown about something minor. Meanwhile, Anna-Kat takes Greg to the park to help him make new friends.
39 16 TBA February 28, 2018
40 17 TBA
41 18 TBA
42 19 TBA
43 20 TBA
44 21 TBA
45 22 TBA
46 23 TBA
47 24 TBA

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