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Ricky Spanish
Season 7, Episode 17
Airdate May 6, 2012
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American DadSeason Seven
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Ricky Spanish is the seventeenth episode of the seventh season of American Dad, and the one hundred thirty-second episode overall.


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Plot Overview

One of Rogers disguises has come back to haunt him.It is the persona of Ricky Spanish,the most hated person in Town.Roger had discarded this disguise for reasons unknown.He puts this disguise back on one day.He is walking down the street one day,when he notices a number of people looking at him,hatefully.He hears the name Ricky Spanish,and he suddenly remembers the reason that he had discarded the disguise.Like a lynch mob,a large crowd converges towards Roger/Ricky Spanish.Roger flees into an Alley,hiding in a Dumpster.He calls Steve to come get him,and tells him to bring one of his other disguises.Steve soon arrives,and Roger changes his clothes.They bearly escape the Mob,and as soon as they arrive Home,Roger is about to burn his Ricky Spanish disguise,but Steve stops him.Steve reasons that Ricky can be redeemed.Whatever wrongs that he has done can be forgiven.Roger is sceptical,but goes along with Steves plan to make amends with everyone that he wronged.So,they go about to seek forgiveness to everybody that he has crossed in the past.Meanwhile,Stan,and Francine receives an unexpectant visitor.An African refuge that they had sponsored years ago name Tonge.They are surprized that Tonge has come to visit them.However,it is not a visit.Tonge has come to live with The Smiths,as they had wrote in one of their many letters to him,to come live with us.They had not expected him to still be alive,so they reluctantly welcome him into their Home.They soon grow tired of him,and decide to abandom him in a Supermarket.They soon enough miss him,and go back to the Supermarket to bring him back Home.They find him lost in the Supermarket,and they apologize for abandoning him.They all get into the Car,and once inside,Stan,and Francine again decide to abandon Tonge when he starts talking again as he did earlier thus causing Stan,and Francine to abandon him.They start to miss him again.


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