All-Star Secrets

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All-Star Secrets
Premiere January 8, 1979
Finale August 10, 1979
Creator Mike Hill
Host Bob Eubanks
Network NBC
Style 30-minute game show
Company Hill-Eubanks Group
Episodes 155
Origin USA

All-Star Secrets is a game show that aired on NBC.

Three contestants predict which of a panel of five celebrities holds a secret about himself or herself. Contestants in turn (per round) stop a reader that determines the money they are playing for. A secret is read about a celebrity, and one of the other celebrities guesses who it is about. The contestants now select which celebrity they think it is. If all three are right, they split the money. Two right divide the money between them, and one right wins the entire money amount for him/herself.

The final round, the "Blind Item," is worth $1500 and the contestants must decide which celebrity the secret is about without assistance from the others. The top scorer at the end wins the game, scored money, and a bonus prize.



Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One January 8, 1979 August 10, 1979 155


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There are no DVD releases for this show.

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