All-Star Family Feud

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All-Star Family Feud
Premiere May 6, 1978
Network ABC
Style 60-minute game show special
Produced 26
Origin USA

All-Star Family Feud is a series of game show specials that are spun-off from Family Feud. All specials were hosted by Richard Dawson.

Five-member teams consisted of the casts of several popular TV shows competing against each other for charity.


# Title Airdate
1 The Love Boat vs. Eight Is Enough; Soap vs. Three's Company May 6, 1978

2 The Waltons vs. The Dukes of Hazzard February 18, 1980

3 Dallas vs. Eight Is Enough December 1, 1979

4 Eight Is Enough vs. Family; The Love Boat vs. What's Happening!! January 26, 1979

5 WKRP in Cincinnati vs. Real People August 17, 1979

6 Eight Is Enough vs. Benson; One Day at a Time vs. Dallas October 19, 1979

7 It's a Living vs. Dallas; The Jeffersons vs. Dukes of Hazzard April 12, 1981