Aliens in the Family (1996)

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Aliens in the Family
Premiere March 15, 1996
Finale August 31, 1996
Creator Andy Borowitz,
Susan Borowitz
Network/Provider ABC
Style 30-minute sci-fi sitcom
Company Stuffed Dog Company,
Jim Henson Company
Seasons 1
Episodes 8
(List of episodes)
Origin USA

Aliens in the Family is a sci-fi sitcom that aired on ABC.

The show was about single dad Doug Brody, who is abducted by single alien mom Cookie. The two fall in love, get married, and try to live a normal life on Earth as a mixed family. Much of the series humor was derived from gags involving the assimilation of the alien family into everyday life—despite being pink and having massive heads (all of the aliens were puppets designed by Jim Henson's Creature Shop), everyone on Earth seems to accept their presence, and in spite of possessing technology far superior to that of Earth, the aliens all go about their everyday lives in the same fashion as all the humans.

Although not the focus of the show, the character to receive the most attention in episodes was Bobut, Cookie's infant son. Baby Bobut could talk, had a genius-level IQ, and was perpetually plotting a grisly fate for those around him (though the series position as a family show meant that Bobut's plans were always family-friendly: for example, wreaking havoc on the city by causing a frog to grow ten times its size).



Actor Character
Main Cast
John Bedford Lloyd Doug Brody
Margaret Trigg Cookie Brody
Paige Tiffany Heather Brody
Chris Marquette Adam Brody
Julie Dretzin Sally Hagen
Joey Mazzarino Spit
Michelan Sisti
Alice Dinnean Snizzy
Michael Gilden
David Rudman Bobut
John Kennedy


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One March 15, 1996 August 31, 1996 8


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