Alex, Inc./Season One

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Season One
Alex, Inc.
Alex, Inc.-Cast.jpg
Season Premiere March 28, 2018
Season Finale May 16, 2018
Episode Count 10


Season One of Alex, Inc. premiered on March 28, 2018.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
1 1 The Unfair Advantage Matt Tarses Zach Braff March 28, 2018 4.6M 1.1% 100
With the help of wife Rooni and their children, Alex Schuman quits his prominent job to start his own podcast company telling real stories that matter. He hires his cousin Eddie and former producer, Deirdre, to help achieve his dream. Meanwhile, Ben performs magic at the school talent show which teaches Alex an important lesson about his future.
2 2 The Wax Museum Matt Tarses Zach Braff April 4, 2018 3.73M 0.9% 101
At the office, Eddie and Deirdre compete for Alex's time and butt heads, causing them to almost quit. Alex tries to be a good boss by coming up with a solution to split his time between the two. Meanwhile, Alex does not like Rooni's handmade costume for Ben's class project on famous people, so they come up with a surprisingly different choice.
3 3 The Butterfly Pavilion Vanessa McCarthy Richie Keen April 11, 2018 3.528M 0.9% 103
Alex gets mad at Eddie for making work decisions without him. Meanwhile, Rooni thinks chaperoning Soraya's field trip will be easy but it inadvertently goes awry when she gets distracted by work; and Ben takes up guitar playing and is determined to get his dad to let him score music for the podcast.
4 4 The Nanny Juliet Seniff Alisa Statman April 17, 2018 4.846M 1.3% 106
Alex thinks he fired their part-time babysitter, Rosalba, after he and Rooni find her sleeping on the job, but the situation gets more complicated when Rosalba shows up for work. Meanwhile, Ben takes over as babysitter and watches Soraya after school; and Rooni loses cell service and gets nervous about the kids being left home alone.
5 5 The Mother-In-Law Dan Rubin Michael Patrick Jann April 18, 2018 2.755M 0.6% 102
Rooni's mother, Joya, comes to New York and Alex tries too hard to impress her, including a disastrous celebration of Holi which makes him look worse. But a conversation between the two leads to a surprising development for Alex's new company. Meanwhile, Ben wants to learn more about his heritage from his grandmother to impress a girl in school.
6 6 The Cop Car Andy St. Clair &
Paul O'Toole
Zach Braff April 25, 2018 2.943M 0.7% 104
Alex's podcast starts intruding on his family life when a private Rooni moment is revealed to the audience, while Deirdre feels neglected and gets an offer to host her own show. Will she leave for a new opportunity? Later, Ben discovers his friend Emily has a crush on him.
7 7 The Grande Apologano Lisa McQuillan Zach Braff April 25, 2018 2.494M 0.6% 107
Alex decides to use Rooni's idea for a new podcast about a murder case she worked on, but husband and wife do not work well together. Meanwhile, Deirdre goes on a date, and Ben thinks of a way to get rid of his girlfriend's super annoying friend Laura.
8 8 The Internet Trolls Joshua Corey &
Brian Kratz
Phil Traill May 2, 2018 3.063M 0.8% 105
The family helps change Alex's feelings when he becomes overly sensitive to listeners' comments leading up to the launch of the podcast. Meanwhile, Rooni enlists Ben's help with Soraya's diorama to get her an A on the project but the plan backfires.
9 9 The Fever Morgan Beck &
Dan Rubin
Chris Koch May 9, 2018 3.033M 0.7% 108
Using a voice translator to understand what Joya said about him in Bengali, Alex instead accidentally discovers a family secret. Deirdre accidentally erases all of the focus group results and tries to recreate it before Alex gets back to the office; and Soraya doesn't want to participate in her recital, so she pretends to be sick.
10 10 The Rube Goldberg Contraption Joshua Corey &
Brian Kratz
John Putch May 16, 2018 3.244M 0.8% 109
After a company offers Alex money to expand the business, he worries his business is ruining his relationship with Rooni and the children and makes an important decision about the future. And with the future looking bright for the company, Deirdre and Eddie bring on a famous podcast producer.