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Adam-12 (1968)/Log 83: A Different Thing

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Log 83: A Different Thing
Season 2, Episode 5
Airdate October 18, 1969
Production Number
Writer(s) Richard Neil Morgan
Director(s) Robert Douglas
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Log 23: Pig Is a Three Letter Word
2x06 →
Log 103: A Sound Like Thunder
Adam-12 (1968)Season Two

With: Naomi Stevens (Mrs. Shapiro), Pearl Shear (Mrs. Bronson), Benny Rubin (Mr. Shapiro), William Boyett (Sgt. MacDonald), Paul Smith (Station Attendant), Gene Rutherford (Eddie Troy), Robert Patten (Sgt. King), Angela Greene (Mrs. Worley), Maureen Leeds (Mrs. Gray), Alvin Hammer (Mr. Lyden), Art Gilmore (Lt. Moore), Ray Montgomery (Sgt. Sullivan), James Eastin (Ambulance Attendant)


Plot Overview

Malloy and Reed are called to investigate a hit and run which soon begins to look like a homicide.