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Season Two
About a Boy
Season Premiere October 14, 2014
Season Finale February 17, 2015
Episode Count 20 (6 unaired)

Season One



Season Two of About a Boy premiered on October 14, 2014.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating Prod.
14 1 About a Vasectomy Jason Katims Adam Davidson October 14, 2014 5.83M 1.7% 201
Will returns to San Francisco to sort out his finances after a surprising royalty check. Andy reveals to him that his wife Laurie might be pregnant and he needs Will's help to find out. Meanwhile, Marcus's new "friends" don't sit well with Will and he attempts to convince Fiona that the kids are up to no good.
15 2 About a House for Sale David M. Israel Michael Weaver October 21, 2014 4.63M 1.4% 202
In an effort to fix his money problems, Will is advised to sell his house in San Francisco. Faced with his impending absence away from Fiona and Marcus, Will focuses all of his energies into finding Marcus a new best friend. Meanwhile, Sam flies out to help Will pack up the rest of his belongings, only to discover a few surprises when she arrives.
16 3 About a Will-O-Ween Mark Kunerth Adam Davidson October 28, 2014 4.11M 1.2% 203
Will throws his annual Halloween bash, much to the dismay of Fiona and Marcus, who consider it one of their least favorite holidays. Despite the fact that Fiona believes Will has other motives for throwing the party, she ends up meeting Sean there and reveals a whole new side of herself. After a few mishaps at the party, Will shows Marcus the joys of Halloween.
17 4 About a Bad Girl Julia Brownell Michael Weaver November 4, 2014 3.52M 0.9% 204
Marcus encounters the unimaginable while assisting the school principal for the day, when he meets Shea, a 14-year-old rebel with a penchant for trouble. Quickly developing a crush, Marcus takes the fall for a school incident she was responsible for, leaving Fiona and Will to face some major parenting conflicts in dealing with the situation.
18 5 About an Angry Ex Annie Weisman Dylan K. Massin November 18, 2014 4.21M 1.3% 205
Will is sued by an angry ex-girlfriend, Stacy, who is claiming she co-wrote his song "Runaway Sleigh." Will looks to Fiona for help in hopes that she can persuade Stacy to drop the lawsuit. However, things don't go according to plan as Fiona begins to sympathize with Stacy. Meanwhile, Marcus tries relentlessly to spark a run-in with bad girl Shea, as he continues in his quest for her affection.
19 6 About a Balcony Isaac Aptaker,
Elizabeth Berger
Patrick Norris November 25, 2014 3.05M 1% 206
Marcus is ecstatic when a popular new teacher, Mr. Chris casts him as Romeo in the school production of notable Shakespeare scenes. Marcus asks Will to build the balcony set for his scene, however Will is more interested in watching "The Three Stooges" marathon with Marcus instead. Threatened by Mr. Chris' growing relationship with Marcus, Will tries to impress them with the construction of his balcony. Elsewhere, Mr. Chris not only has gained a fan in Marcus, but Fiona as well.
20 7 About a Duck Hannah Friedman Michael Weaver December 2, 2014 4.21M 1.1% 207
Nervous for her first real date with Mr. Chris, Fiona begs Dakota to accompany her as her safety net on the date. Will also finds himself tagging along as he attempts to woo Dakota. Meanwhile, with Fiona and Will busy with their double-dating escapades, Marcus spends the evening with Andy and Laurie.
21 8 About a Christmas Carol Jason Katims Dax Shepard December 9, 2014 3.68M 0.9% 208
With Christmas celebrations in full swing, Will is in agony over the cheerfulness around his least favorite holiday and the constant playing of his hit song "Runaway Sleigh." With his lawsuit still pending, Laurie advises Will to settle and move on. Refusing to give up any of his earnings, Will and Marcus go on a search for the original handwritten song lyrics as evidence to prove he is the sole writer of the song. Meanwhile, Fiona and Andy try to create the perfect white Christmas for Marcus.
22 9 About a Manniversary Julia Brownell Jay Karas January 6, 2015 2.69M 0.8% 209
To celebrate a year of friendship, Marcus convinces Will to take him to the Golden Gate FemFest. Much to his chagrin, Will obliges and attempts to sneak backstage to fulfill Marcus' dreams of meeting Lisa Loeb, who is headlining the festival. Meanwhile, Dakota helps Fiona prepare for a night of intimacy with Chris.
23 10 About a Boy Becoming a Man Annie Weisman Bethany Rooney January 13, 2015 2.79M 0.9% 210
When Will learns Andy scored an invite to music mogul Johnny Idalis' son's Bar Mitzah, he sees an opportunity to get his music noticed and forces Andy to make him his plus one. With a push from Shea, Marcus convinces Fiona (Minnie Driver) to let him stay home alone while she is on a date with Chris. During their night out alone, mischievous Shea takes Marcus party crashing while Andy and Will find themselves deep into a lie to impress Johnny.
24 11 About a Hook David M. Israel Linda Mendoza January 27, 2015 2.8M 0.8% 211
With the help of Andy, Will gets music mogul Johnny Idalis to listen to a new song he wrote, however Johnny isn't impressed with the hook. Meanwhile, Marcus grows upset and frustrated with Chris and Fiona's (Minnie Driver) growing relationship and flees to crash with Will, who is left struggling to juggle writing a catchy hook and the complications of his new roommate.
25 12 About a Prostitute Mark J. Kunerth Daisy von Scherler Mayer February 3, 2015 2.86M 0.9% 212
Looking to make some quick cash, Will decides to start teaching guitar lessons. However, after a fling with his student's mom, Emma, Andy speculates that Will is being paid for more than just his musical expertise. Elsewhere, Fiona finds herself suddenly accepted by the popular moms at school and Marcus prepares to perform at the upcoming school fundraiser.
26 13 About a Cat Party Julia Brownell Dylan K. Massin February 10, 2015 2.7M 0.9 213
With high hopes of meeting single women, Will and TJ go out to their favorite watering hole on Valentine's Day. With help from the bartender, Liz, Will lands a date and oddly finds himself attending a cat party - but his heart is pulled elsewhere. Meanwhile, Marcus tries to plan the perfect Valentine's date for Shea, but when things don't go according to plan, Marcus turns to Chris for his sage advice in Will's absence.
27 14 About a Boyfriend Isaac Aptaker,
Elizabeth Berger
Ken Whittingham February 17, 2015 2.41M 0.7% 214
To Will and Fiona's surprise, Shea accepts Marcus' proposal to be his girlfriend. However, Shea's idea of a boyfriend translates closer to a personal assistant than a companion. Elsewhere, Fiona attempts to be more spontaneous with Chris, while Will chaperones Marcus and Shea's frozen yogurt date.
28 15 About a Trunk Annie Weisman Wendey Stanzler unaired 215
Will uncovers a secret about Chris just as Fiona is ready to deepen her relationship with him. Elsewhere, Marcus begins working for an unlikely boss.
29 16 About a Memory Hole Mark Kunerth Michael Weaver unaired 216
Will offers support to Fiona following her split with Chris. However, Liz invites Will on a date, forcing him to juggle both commitments.
30 17 About a Babymoon Aaron Brownstein &
Simon Ganz
Dylan K. Massin unaired 217
Andy and Laurie have a fight, leading to separate vacations.
31 18 About Another Boy Isaac Aptaker &
Elizabeth Berger
Michael Weaver unaired 218
Will has commitment issues with Liz as Fiona and Marcus try to fix things between Andy and Laurie.
32 19 About a Self Defense Annie Weisman Jaffar Mahmood unaired 219
Fiona and Liz begin to bond, to the dismay of Will. However, things soon change after Liz notices Will's odd relationship with Fiona and Marcus.
33 20 About a Love in the Air Jason Katims Patrick Norris unaired 220
Everyone encounters romantic troubles. Marcus is reeling from his split with Shea and Liz breaks it off with Will due to his attachment to Fiona and Marcus.

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