68 Whiskey/Season One

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Season One
68 Whiskey
Season Premiere January 15, 2020
Season Finale March 18, 2020
Episode Count 10


Season One of 68 Whiskey premiered on January 15, 2020.


# # Title Written By Directed By Airdate Viewers 18-49 Rating
1 1 Buckley's Goat Roberto Benabib Michael Lehmann January 15, 2020 866k 0.17%
Roback convinces Davis to join him in a get rich quick scheme which lands them in serious trouble. Alvarez gets some upsetting news. Roback and Durkin continue their secret affair. Petrocelli finds a new friend in a lost goat.
2 2 Finger Lickin' Good Roberto Benabib Michael Lehmann January 22, 2020 560k 0.13%
Roback, Davis, and Petrocelli make their way back to base through treacherous desert. Roback makes a grand gesture to help out Alvarez, complicating things with Durkin. Holloway takes a special interest in one of her patients.
3 3 Daddy Issues Roberto Benabib Erin Feeley January 29, 2020 513k 0.12%
Roback, Davis, and Alvarez go on a mission to find Qasem. Alvarez makes an unexpected friend. Roback opens up to Durkin, and tries to salvage the fight with Sasquatch.
4 4 Trouble in River City Mark Stegemann Michael Lehmann February 5, 2020 410k 0.09%
Roback scrambles to keep a promise. Sasquatch reminds the guys they have unfinished business. Holloway has plans to help Qasem's village.
5 5 Pain Management Kim Benabib Michael Lehmann February 12, 2020 409k 0.08%
A coordinated attack catches the base by surprise. Davis and Roback stumble upon an unusual operation in the Afghan hills. Alvarez helps Hazara.
6 6 Fight or Flight Caitie Delaney David Petrarca February 19, 2020 387k 0.08%
Col. Austin brings the hammer down hard on Roback, Davis, and Alvarez. Davis brokers the big fight with Sasquatch. Qasem helps Holloway at her medical clinic.
7 7 Mister Fix-It Dylan Park-Pettiford Erin Feeley February 26, 2020 349k 0.08%
A visiting dignitary arrives on base. Davis seeks a new side hustle as pressure from home becomes unbearable. Durkin and Sasquatch have a fight about their future.
8 8 Do the Right Thing Dave Holstein Michael Trim March 4, 2020 495k 0.11%
Roback and Davis attempt a seemingly impossible rescue through an old minefield. SecCorp accelerates their plans. Durkinsteps up to help Petrocelli.
9 9 No Good Deed... Roberto Benabib &
Mark Stegemann
Erin Feeley March 11, 2020 532k 0.08%
The gang discovers the solution to many of their problems, but getting their hands on it won't be easy. Holloway gets asurprise visit. Davis struggles with a major decision.
10 10 Close Your Eyes and Jump Roberto Benabib &
Dave Holstein
Michael Lehmann March 18, 2020 467k 0.08%
The gang heads deep into Taliban country to find the missing cash. Austin makes a final push against SecCorp.