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60 Minutes

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60 Minutes
60 Minutes-Logo.jpg
Premiere September 24, 1968
Airs Sundays at 7PM
Creator Don Hewitt
Network CBS
Style 60-minute news magazine
Company CBS News
Seasons 47
Status Currently airing season 47
Origin USA

60 Minutes is a news magazine that airs on CBS.



Person Role Duration
Billed Cast
Mike Wallace Host 1968-2006
Harry Reasoner 1968-1970, 1978-1991
Morley Safer 1970-
Dan Rather 1975-1981, 2005-2006
Ed Bradley 1981-2006
Diane Sawyer 1984-1989
Steve Kroft 1989-
Meredith Vieira 1990-1991
Lesley Stahl 1991-
Bob Simon 1996-
Scott Pelley 2003-
Andy Rooney Commentator 1978-2011


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One September 24, 1968
Season Two
Season Three
Season Four
Season Five
Season Six
Season Seven
Season Eight
Season Nine
Season Ten
Season Eleven
Season Twelve
Season Thirteen
Season Fourteen
Season Fifteen
Season Sixteen
Season Seventeen
Season Eighteen
Season Nineteen
Season Twenty
Season Twenty-One
Season Twenty-Two
Season Twenty-Three
Season Twenty-Four
Season Twenty-Five
Season Twenty-Six
Season Twenty-Seven
Season Twenty-Eight
Season Twenty-Nine
Season Thirty
Season Thirty-One
Season Thirty-Two
Season Thirty-Three
Season Thirty-Four
Season Thirty-Five
Season Thirty-Six
Season Thirty-Seven September 26, 2004 September 18, 2005
Season Thirty-Eight September 25, 2005 May 21, 2006
Season Thirty-Nine August 27, 2006 June 3, 2007
Season Forty September 23, 2007 May 18, 2008
Season Forty-One September 28, 2008
Season Forty-Two September 27, 2009
Season Forty-Three September 26, 2010
Season Forty-Four September 25, 2011
Season Forty-Five September 30, 2012
Season Forty-Six September 29, 2013
Season Forty-Seven September 21, 2014


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