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Season 1, Episode 4
Airdate November 6, 2005
Production Number 2504
Writer(s) Matt Maiellaro
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Spider Man Special
12 Oz. MouseSeason One

Spider is the fourth episode of the first season of 12 Oz. Mouse.

Voices: Adam Reed, Dave Willis, Nick Ingkatanuwat, Vishal Roney, Nick Weidenfeld, Matt Thompson, Matt Harrigan, Matt Maiellaro


Plot Overview

Prologue - We start off with Mouse back home accompanying a spider. He gets a call from the shark, advising him not to check his icebox. Mouse does anyway, and finds a frozen phone in it. He seems rather shocked to see it. Shark tries to get him to say what it is, but Mouse is noticing the spider drawing an arrow with its leg.

The body of the episode begins at Rhoda's bar, where he and the eye are exchanging gossip. Rhoda hears Mouse is up to his cans, that the new guy got out and has a thing for squirrels, and that Rooster had gotten a letter, but was knocked out by a clock before he could read it. The eye only responds with his string of words with "eye" in them. Mouse crashes into the bar and gets his usual 12 beers.

Meanwhile, the shark asks his bug to set up the cameras. It doesn't do it. Skillet is still tied up from the last episode. While the new guy is asleep, Skillet uses laser eyes to zap his way out of captivity. Mouse and the eye arrive back at Mouse's place where he can't find the arrow from earlier in the episode. The eye is "hungrye" and jumps out the window. Mouse proceeds to shoot and smash the miniature cameras throughout the room, all while the shark is watching. Mouse finds some papers lying around, but before he can realize what they are, Skillet returns and tells him what happened.

Rhoda's surprised and nervous to see the shark at his bar (and answers to him by sir). Shark tells him a cryptic story about how sharks eat, and how instinctual it is that he could just bite into someone out of impulse. Rhoda assures the shark that they're friends, and know who they talk to, what they say, etc. Golden Joe appears briefly, but upon noticing the shark is there, he disappears. Shark wants to talk about the letter now that Liquor (the other bartender) got. Back at Mouse's place, Skillet is telling Mouse what happened with him and the new guy (who Mouse says "sounds like a good dancer"), and out of nowhere a clock appears and gasses them both. Mouse then involuntarily burns all the papers. He and Skillet then burgle a music store and take a guitar and drums. They're visited by the peanut cop, who's too high to care. After some more rocking, the disfigured talent scout from episode one comes along, saying the song should be on his record label. All of a sudden the top of his head comes off, and blood starts rocketing out of it.

Liquor is reading the letter (which drips blood), from a kid writing to his dad about how he has become a mosquito thanks to his mosquito costume, and has even donned the name Mosquitor. Mouse returns to the shark, showing off his new CD "F-Off." Shark expresses interest in being in a band, and that his instrument is playing with minds. Mouse leaves, with the shark advising him not to look under the bed. The camera then pans an unknown location, where there are many objects made out of arrows, and a shower is running (we don't see if anyone is in it). Back at home, Mouse finds a severed hand under his bed. The shark calls knowing he found it.


  • There is an alternate version of this episode entitled Spider Man Special. It is similar to the alternate episodes of Space Ghost Coast to Coast.
  • Starting here people may have to pay attention a little harder to understand the referbacks. The characters begin to use alternate phrases to describe previous events. Some of which depend on an obscure reference in the show.

Arc Advancement


  • Clock - Is still in the shark's office and his control room. It appears in Mouse's house to gas him, and is referred to by Rhoda while gossipping about a letter Rooster got.
  • There's now a recurring theme with arrows. The spider drew an arrow, Mouse receives papers with arrows on them, and people outside buildings are normally shot with arrows.



  • The SFX guy is still in the street, shot full of arrows.
  • "The new guy has a thing for squirrels." Skillet has been mistaken for a squirrel.
  • The bug from episode one returns. The bug sets up cameras for the shark.


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