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Premiere August 2, 2003
Finale February 5, 2006
Creator Glenn Davis &
William Laurin
Based on characters in the books by
Meg Cabot
writing as
Jenny Carroll
Network/Provider Lifetime
Style 60-minute crime drama
Company Lionsgate Television,
NDG Productions,
Missing Production Corp.
Seasons 3
Episodes 55
Origin USA

1-800-Missing (Missing starting with season 2) is a crime drama that aired on Lifetime.

The series is centered on Jess Mastriani, a woman in her twenties who receives psychic abilities after being hit by lightning. She is employed by a special FBI Task Force because she has visions which, once interpreted, contain clues that will help her find missing people. The series initially starred Gloria Reuben as Brooke Haslett, Jess's skeptical partner. Other stars of the series during its first season included Justina Machado as Sunny Estrada, and Dean McDermott as Alan Coyle. Alberta Watson appeared in the pilot as Jess' mother, however; the part was later recast and Watson did not appear on the show again.

In the second season, significant changes, including casting, were made. The show was completely retooled. Jess's partner was changed to Nicole Scott, portrayed by Vivica A. Fox. Taking Sunny's place was Mark Consuelos, and Justin Louis assumed the role of the Assistant Director John Pollock. Jess's psychic powers remained important, but more focus was given to the other characters



Actor Character Duration
Main Cast 1 2 3
Gloria Reuben FBI Agent Brooke Haslett *
Caterina Scorsone FBI Agent Jess Mastriani * * *
Dean McDermott FBI Special Agent in Charge Alan Coyle *
Justina Machado FBI Agent Sunny Estrada *
Vivica A. Fox FBI Agent Nicole Scott * *
Mark Consuelos FBI Agent Antonio Cortez * *
Justin Louis FBI Assistant Director John Pollock * *


Season  Premiere Finale #
Season One August 2, 2003 January 24, 2004 18
Season Two: Missing July 10, 2004 January 30, 2005 18
Season Three: Missing June 12, 2005 February 5, 2006 19


DVD Releases

Title Release Discs
Season Sets  (Region 1)
Season 2 January 24, 2006 purchase 4

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