The Andy Griffith Show/Goober's Replacement

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Goober's Replacement
Airdate March 28, 1966
Writer(s) Stan Dreben & Howard Merrill
Director(s) Alan Rafkin
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The Foster Lady
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The Battle of Mayberry
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Six

Guest Stars: George Lindsey (Goober), Howard McNear (Floyd), Alberta Nelson (Flora), Cliff Norton (Wally), Maudie Prickett (Mrs. Larch), Charles Smith (Counterman), Jason Johnson (Mr. Weaver), Burt Mustin (Old Geezer), David Azar (Man)


Plot Overview

Goober is hoping to take a week's holidays and go fishing but gas station owner Wally him he may not be able to go since he can't find a replacement for him. When Goober tells his girlfriend Flora that he may cancel his trip she offers to act as his replacement. Wally thinks it's a crazy idea and everyone thinks business will go down, but he agrees. Rather than put a damper on business however, the men of Mayberry are soon lining up to so a pretty girl can serve them. When Goober comes back, he realizes he doesn't have a job anymore and decides he may have to move to Mount Pilot to get a job. When Flora hears he may be leaving, she soon has a solution to the problem.