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Founded March 7, 1983
President Kevin Kay
Company Viacom through MTV Networks
Notable Series
Former Names The Nashville Network
The National Network
Spike TV

Spike is a US network that specializes in programming aimed at male viewers. Launched in 1983, it is owned by Viacom through Viacom Media Network and is based in Los Angeles. On February 8, 2017, it was announced that Spike would rebrand and change its name to The Paramount Network. It is expected to happen sometime next year.



The Nashville Network was established in 1983 as a country music oriented cable channel. Originally owned by National Life and Accident Insurance Company, Gaylord Entertainment bought it less than a year after its launching. Programming during the first years included country music-related variety shows, talk shows, lifestyle shows, game shows and sports programming.

In 1998 the network was bought by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, who also owned CBS. Having drifted away from its country roots, the name of the network soon changed to TNN (an abbreviation used since the mid-1980's). In 2000 - as WEC was acquired by Viacom - the name was changed again, now to The National Network (while still using TNN for short). Hoping to compete with USA and TNT, the target audience now became the 18-49-years-old.

In 2003, the programming had shifted to mainly include male-oriented shows, causing the Viacom to relaunch the network as Spike TV, shortened to Spike in 2006.

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