Sliders/Quinn "Mallory" Mallory

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Quinn "Mallory" Mallory
Actor Robert Floyd
First Appearance 5x01 The Unstuck Man
Last Appearance 5x18 The Seer
Series Billing Series: Ended
Episode Count 18
Notable Episodes


Basic Information

This Quinn double, dubbed "Mallory" to the Sliders to differentiate from the original Quinn Mallory, is Quinn's fraternal double on the world of "The Unstuck Man" (same father, different mother). He is launched into the interdimensional tunnel by Dr. Oberon Geiger in an experiment to see if two people can be 'merged' into one. He hopes to use this on himself having become 'unstuck' - shifting between dimensions without any control - during an early interdimensional experiment. After the experiment, Mallory exits the vortex with Rembrandt and Maggie but in addition, he also has Quinn's memories. He agrees to travel with Rembrandt, Maggie and Diana in the hope that they can separate Quinn from his mind.

Memorable Moments