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Premiere July 4, 2001
Finale December 26, 2001
Creator Yousuke Kuroda
Network TV Tokyo
Adult Swim (US)
Style 30-minute anime action
Company Sunrise
Seasons 1
Episodes 26
(List of episodes)
Origin Japan

Scryed, sometimes s.CRY.ed or s-CRY-ed, is an anime series that shares several similarities with X-Men and other superhero books of the same sort.

The series is set some time in the near future following a geological phenomena that is often referred to as "The Great Uprising" in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. As a result, less than 1% of the population born at the location of the Uprising was born with an Alter power which allows them to reshape matter at a molecular level. The manifestation of this matter reshaping, however, is unique to the Alter user.

Unlike X-Men, these Alter users do not face the kind of persecution that the mutants are known for. Instead, users are broken into two opposing forces, the Native Alters, who live outside of society and cut ties with the government, and HOLY, a government organization made up of Alter users. HOLY is a subdivision of HOLD, the police force of Kanagawa Prefecture (or "The Lost Ground"), who are a special operations group that assist HOLD in dangerous missions. The plot is focused by the rivalry of Ryuhou and Kazuma, a member of HOLY and a Native Alter (respectively), and express the clash between the two groups in simpler terms.

The series was first aired on July 4, 2001 in Japan. It was later licensed for English broadcast by Bandai Entertainment and aired on Adult Swim beginning on May 28, 2005.



Japanese Voices English Voices Character
Main Cast
Hikaru Midorikawa Jason Spisak Ryuhou Ryu
Souichiro Hoshi Steven Jay Blum Kazuma Torisuma
Kyousei Tsukui Crispin Freeman Straight Cougar
Masayo Kurata Lara Jill Miller Sherrice Adjani
Takumi Yamazaki Lex Lang Kunihiko Kimishima
Yukari Tamura Carrie Daniels Kanami Yuta


Season Premiere Finale #
Season One July 4, 2001 December 26, 2001 26


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DVD Releases

Title Release Date #
Episode Collections
Vol. 1: Lost Ground July 15, 2003 2
Vol. 2: The Alter Hunt September 2, 2003 1
Vol. 3: The Other Side November 4, 2003 1
Vol. 4: Aftershocks January 20, 2004 1
Vol. 5: Evacuation March 16, 2004 1
Vol. 6: Final Fight May 25, 2004 1
Special Collections
Scryed: Complete Collection July 26, 2005 6

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