Movin' with Nancy

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Movin' with Nancy
Airdate December 11, 1967
Writer(s) Tom Mankiewicz
Director Jack Haley, Jr.
Network NBC
Style 60-minute musical special
Company Nancy Sinatra and Co
Origin USA

Movin with Nancy is a 1967 TV special starring Nancy Sinatra and friends and family. It has been released on home video.

Ground breaking in 1967, this TV special was unlike most specials up until then, this one took to the road and the air. The story line seemed to follow Sinatra around on a very unusual day. The people she encountered were stars in their own right, and often sang duets with Sinatra. The result is a collection of music videos decades before MTV. It also featured an on-screen inter-racial kiss, very unusual for 1967. Sinatra comments in the DVD commentary how they had to play a trick to get it on film, and were not able to shoot a retake. [1]



Movin'' was directed by Jack Haley, Jr. and featured guest appearances by her father, Frank Sinatra, her "fairy Godfather" (Dean Martin), husband Lee Hazelwood, dancer David Winters (who was also nominated for a special Emmy for his choreography), Sammy Davis Jr. and others. Sinatra also mentions on the DVD that the commercials were meant to be an integral part of the hour.

Song List

Actor Written by Performed by
"I Gotta Get Out of this Town" Lee Hazlewood Nancy Sinatra
" Up, up and away" Jimmy Webb Nancy Sinatra
"Sugar Town" Lee Hazlewood Nancy Sinatra
"Some Velvet Morning" Lee Hazlewood Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
"Jackson]]" Jerry Lieber and Billy Edd-Wheeler Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood
"This Town" Lee Hazlewood Nancy Sinatra
"Just Bummin' Around]]" Pete Graves Dean Martin
" Things" Bobby Darin Dean Martin and Nancy Sinatra
"What'd I say?" Ray Charles Sammy Davis Jr. and Nancy Sinatra
"Wait till you see him" (orig. "her") Richard Rodgers,music & Lorenz Hart, lyrics Nancy Sinatra
"Younger Than Springtime" Rodgers and Hammerstein Frank Sinatra
"Friday's Child" Lee Hazlewood Nancy Sinatra
"See the Little Children* Lee Hazlewood & Nancy Sinatra
"Who will buy?" Lionel Bart Nancy Sinatra


The Show

Behind the Scenes

Sinatra mentions that in order to get the kiss with Davis, they waited to do it until right before he had to leave for another job. There was no way to re-shoot it and it was left in. It was not a passionate kiss, but more familial. Her Brother Frank Jr. visited briefly as well[1]. In the Image editon, commentary Sinatra mentions she regrets not singing These Boots Are Made For Walking in the show. At the time, she did not want to include it because she wanted to showcase other songs. Thirty plus years later, she regretted leaving it out[1].


Royal Crown Cola sponsored the show, and four lavish commercials were designed. Art Linkletter served as the narrator for most of the commercials.

Allusions and References

Memorable Moments


DVD Release

Title Release Date #
Complete Special: Region 1
Movin' with Nancy May 2, 2000 1


Complete Special: Region 2
Movin' with Nancy November 19, 2007 1


Complete Special: Region 0
Movin' with Nancy unknown 1



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