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Thomas Mittelwerk
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Dr. Thomas Werner Mittelwerk was the President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation. He has only appeared on The Hanso Foundation's website and through the Lost Experience.


Basic Information

Born in Austria, Thomas Mittelwerk's early years instilled a work ethic that has helped fuel The Hanso Foundation's engine of progress for over twenty years. Losing his mother to a rare genetic disorder at a young age, Mittelwerk dedicated himself to become the world's foremost authority on biology and genetics. At eighteen, still pursuing a degree in molecular biology at Caltech, Alvar Hanso personally drafted him to join The Hanso Foundation. However, Caltech has no record of a Thomas Mittelwerk in their alumni database nor does the institution have any record of tuition payment.

In his role as President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation, Mittelwerk's leadership has ensured prodigious contributions to numerous scientific disciplines, all in the name of insuring a better future for the whole of humanity. He humbly served as Alvar Hanso's right hand and chief advisor. With Alar Hanso's disappearance from the public view, Mittelwerk took on the reins of the Hanso Foundation.

Mittelwerk was seen researching archival documents regarding 100-year-old shipping lanes at the Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants, which is owned by the Hanso Group. The Allied Copenhagen Marine Merchants was originally called the East Ocean Trade Group before it was purchased by the Hanso Group in the 1950s, and the East Ocean Trade Group purchased the liquidated assets of the New World Sea Traders in 1882. The New World Sea Traders was owned by Magnus Hanso and operated fifteen vessels out of Portsmouth, including the Black Rock. After researching old shipping lanes, Mittelwerk was secretly recorded having a conversation with an associate of Mr. Paik, Sun's father. Mr. Paik has apparently been commissioned by Mittelwerk to construct a specially modified ship.

Tracked down to Sri Lanka, Mittelwerk was secretly videotaped at a Hanso Foundation research station. The video revealed his scheme of infecting the peoples of two local villages with an engineered virus designed to kill 30% of those infected. The bodies of the dead were to be brought back to the station for a genetic work-up to verify the intended mortality rate of the virus. Mittelwerk's goal was to use the virus and succeed where the DHARMA Initiative failed — to change the core values of the Valenzetti Equation.

The video of Mittelwerk and his virus was eventually made public. Authorities attempted to apprehend Mittelwerk by raiding the Hanso Foundation headquarters, but he managed to escape by blowing up the building. It was soon discovered that Mittelwerk had taken control of the Hanso Foundation by forcibly removing Alvar Hanso and keeping him locked up in his own home and away from public contact. With Mittelwerk on the run and Hanso free, Mittelwerk released a message stating that humanity needs him. He claims to have the Sri Lanka virus, the will to use it, and ominously states that he will not fail.

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  • The Hanso Foundation website lists Dr. Mittelwerk as the President and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation. However, on his voicemail box Dr. Mittelwerk says he is the Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Technologist of The Hanso Foundation.


  • "Science has laid bare the tools of change. It is the responsibility of a trusted few to shephard humanity to a greater future."
  • "You've taken a battle, but that's all it was — a battle. Humanity needs me, now more than ever. I have the virus, I have the will, and I will not fail."