Hawaii Five-O/Nine Dragons (2)

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Nine Dragons (2)
Airdate September 30, 1976
Production Number 1310-1729-0601
Writer(s) Jerome Coopersmith
Director(s) Michael O'Herlihy
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Nine Dragons (1)
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Assault on the Palace
Hawaii Five-OSeason Nine

Nine Dragons (2) is the second episode of the ninth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: Khigh Dhiegh (Wo Fat), David Tomlinson (Blake), Michael Anderson, Jr. (Anthony Waring)

Special Guest Star: Dina Merrill (Dr. Barbara Dalton)

With: Amy Chun (Suzie), Robert Nelson (Mr. Chong), Yankee Chang (Po Ling), Daniel Taba (Professor Takeo Shimoto), Harry Chang (Kiamulu), Bob Crickard (Hong Kong Doctor), Bob Hanna (Carter), Eric Young (Chinese Travel Agent), Bobby Canavarro (Pursuing Agent), Fung Ngai (Han Chu), Rich King (Kee Mun), Susan Stewart (Girl Student), Richard Kuga (Immigration Officer), E. Lynne Kimoto (Secretary), Gerald Lau (Bald Man), Arte McCullough (HPD Guard), Susie Burke (Student Reporter), Richard Denning (Governor)


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