Gilligan's Island/Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?

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Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up?
Season 2, Episode 26
Airdate March 17, 1966
Writer(s) Budd Grossman
Director(s) Jack Arnold
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Ghost a Go-Go
Gilligan's IslandSeason Two
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Will the Real Mr. Howell Please Stand Up? is the twenty-sixth episode of the second season of Gilligan's Island, and the sixty-second episode overall.

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Plot Overview

There is an imposter impersonating Mr.Howell.He is faking like he alone of the seven castaways had survived the sinking of the SS Minnow.The imposters intentions are obvious.He intends to spend Mr.Howells fortunes.Mr.Howell wants to stop the impostor.Everytime he hears of the phony Howell spending,or selling some property of his Mr.Howell goes berserk.He runs to the Lagoon as if he was going to swim back to the mainland.The Skipper,and Gilligan stops him each time.He won't have to worry too much as the radio reports of the phony Howell falling overboard from a Boat while sailing,and is reported lost .A search is on the way for the Man still believed to be Thurston Howell the third.By the following Day,the impostor manage to make his way,and swim ashore on the Island.Hwalks around to find the real Thurston Howell sitting in his chair.He conks Howell on the head,drags him into the Jungle,and changes cloths with him in an attempt to fool everyone .Mr.Howell regains conscienceness,and seeing the impostor calls to everyone.Only Gilligan,the Skipper,and Lovey Howell comes on the scene.Each tries to convince the others that he is the real Thurston Howell.The impostor even has a mole like Mr.Howell.However the real Howell asks some questions that only the real Thurston Howell knows.He answers each question correctly,still leaving the crew,and Lovey Howell confused.Fortunately,the Porfessor shows up with athe Radio about the latest update on the impostor.The radio report finds out that the Man thought to have been Thurston Howell the third is an impostor.It was the impostors signature that had given him away.Having found himself exposed the phony Howell makes a retreat to the Lagoon.The Castaways pursue him,but they decide not to swim after him.Now that he has been exposed,the phony Howell can't spend anymore of the real Howells money.Mr.Howell differs on that however,as the phony is wearing his clothes,and Howells wallet full of cash is in the back pocket.So,it is into the Lagoon one more time for Thurston Howell,and one more time for the Skipper,and Gilligan to stop him.Some time later,they hear on the Radio that the impostor was picked up by a fishing boat,and then disappeared.His whereabout,and his real name are unknown.


Gilligan's Island is one of so many other Shows which has used this format of using twins.

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Memorable Moments

Mr.Howells constant attempts at swimming off the Island to stop the impostor.


  • Howell: Of course he's an impostor. Even the accent's phony.