Get Smart/Diplomat's Daughter

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Diplomat's Daughter
GetSmart 1x02.jpg
"One false move and she blows your head off."
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate September 25, 1965
Production Number 005
Writer(s) Gerald Gardner
Dee Caruso
Director(s) Paul Bogart
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School Days
Get SmartSeason One

Guest Stars: Leonard Strong (The Claw), Inger Stratton (Princess Ingrid), Frank DeVol (Carleton), Bill Saito (Toto), Lee Kolima (Bobo)


Plot Overview




The Chief: KAOS does have ways of making a man talk. If you are captured and if it looks really tough, this may be your one ace in the hole. This pill when swallowed will bring painless death in about 20 seconds. Are there any questions?
Maxwell Smart: How do I get them to take it?

Maxwell Smart: The old picture in the keyhole trick. That's twice this month!

The Claw: Have you ever heard of the Chinese bamboo stalks under the fingernails torture?
Maxwell Smart: No... sounds pretty good. How does it work?
The Claw: You place Chinese bamboo stalks...
Maxwell Smart: ...under the fingernails, yes I remember now.