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Dexter's Laboratory/Dexter's Rude Removal

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Dexter's Rude Removal
Special 1
Airdate July 12, 1998
Production Number
Writer(s) Genndy Tartakovsky
Director(s) Genndy Tartakovsky
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Last But Not Beast
Special 2 →
Ego Trip
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Dexter's Rude Removal is a special episode of Dexter's Laboratory.

Guest Stars:


Plot Overview

Dexter and Dee Dee argue about who is the rude one of the siblings. Dexter has and invention that is used to remove the 'rude' qualities from an individual and focus all the removed rudeness into a sort of clone of the original person. So in essence the result of the machine's work is two versions of the original person, one purely rude and one purely kind. This being said, Dee Dee and Dexter are both accidently caught in the rude removal machine and both of them undergo its effects. Now that there are two Dee Dees and two Dexters, the rude one reak havoc around the laboratory and house and never hesitate to curse. They two rude siblings cause problems for the mother and infuriate her beyond reason. Luckily the two sets of siblings are united as two beings as they were before and now regular Dee Dee and Dexter pay for what their rude halves have done.


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