Bonanza/A Good Night's Rest

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A Good Night's Rest
Season 6, Episode 28
Airdate April 11, 1965
Writer(s) Jeffrey Fleece
Frank Cleaver
Director(s) William F. Claxton
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Dead and Gone
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To Own the World
BonanzaSeason Six

Special Guest Stars: Eddie Firestone (Potts), Abigail Shelton (Lucy)

Guest Stars: Jean Willes (Jenny Jenkins), Lloyd Corrigan (Doc), Ray Teal (Sheriff Coffee), Robert Ridgely (Wilfred), Michael Forest (Frank Shirmer), Erin O'Donnell (Peggy), Clegg Hoyt (Loy), Jay Ripley (Larry)


Plot Overview

Poor Pa is exhausted and just wants to sleep, but his family are so noisy that he books into the hotel in town. It is a big mistake!!