UFO Files/The Gray's Agenda

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The Gray's Agenda
UFO Files - The Grays Agenda.jpg
Season 1 Episode 14
Airdate December 6, 2004
Writer(s) Andy Papadopoulos
Director(s) Kelvin Duckett
Producer(s) Duane Tudahl
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UFO FilesSeason One

The Gray's Agenda is the fourteenth episode of the first season of UFO Files. The Grays are now the most common conception of aliens in popular culture. The episode seeks to investigate the history of the belief in Gray aliens, and use these facts to piece together what their agenda might be, if they indeed exist.

Narrator: Burton Richardson

Re-Enactors: Jennifer Alcala, Derek Bauman, Terri Burton, Cameron Burton, Jeff Doba, Kris Hansen, Tom Hebenstreit, Lulu Jaich, Ted Jaich, Nick Papadakis, Beverlee A. Ross, Nancy Sharpe, Kevin Yarborough, Michele Van Wagner

Interviewees: Clayton Lee, Donna Thomas Lee, Will Bueche, Jason Martell, Jim Marrs, Richard J. McNally, Joe Nickell, Richard Dolan, Betty Hill, Kathy Marden, Dr. Charles Beichmann, Dr. Robert Wood, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Derrel Sims, Scott P. Orr



The Grays have become the best known alien figure in popular culture in the past fifty years. Evidence of the belief in Grays can be seen in carvings and sketches back for thousands of years. Some believe that the first recent contact with the Grays occurred after World War II. However, the first reported abduction was with Betty and Barnie Hill on September 19, 1964, which is where our concept of the Grays comes from. When driving home from Montreal, the couple saw something in the sky, blanked out for several hours, and then awoke back on the road. Years later, Betty Hill made a star chart that some believe successfully predicted the then undiscovered Zeta Reticuli star system.

During the 20th century, many believed that governments, particularly the U.S. government knew about and was covering up knowledge of the Grays. Project Blue Book was a military project to decide if aliens were a threat to national security, but many saw this as part of the cover up. At Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico in 1964, some believe a UFO landed and was greeted by military personnel. There are also documents such as Majestic 12, who suggests that Harry Truman set up a group of supervisors to get rid of UFO sightings stories, or The Dulce papers which suggests that the government is working with the Grays on Alien/Human hybrid projects.

Interest in the Grays took off in the 1980s, when the first instance of the term was believed to have occurred. Victims suggest that the Gray aliens surround them in their sleep and put them into a comatose state. Others claim to have been taken aboard the alien spacecraft and had painful experiments done to them. The experiments often revolve around reproduction. However, Dr. Richard McNally of Harvard University did an experiment in which he compared the memories of abductees to those of legitimate trauma victims, and concluded that the abductees had personality traits which caused them to have intense emotional responses and vivid imagery even when no real memory exists. Coupled with conditions such as sleep paralysis, many believe that abduction stories can be explained.





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