The Andy Griffith Show/Aunt Bee's Big Moment

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Aunt Bee's Big Moment
Airdate February 12, 1968
Writer(s) Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Director(s) Lee Philips
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Helen's Past
The Andy Griffith ShowSeason Eight

Guest Stars: Jack Dodson (Howard), George Lindsey (Goober), Aneta Corsaut (Helen), John McLiam (Mac)


Plot Overview

Aunt Bee comes to realize that she hasn't accomplished much in her life. At a dinner for family and friends, everyone has a story to tell or an accomplishment to brag about. She just wishes that she could do something that was unique and that she could talk about. To everyone's surprise, especially Andy, she decides to take flying lessons. Andy is certain that she will never go through with it but she perseveres, determined to make a go of it. When it comes time to solo however, she begins to have second thoughts.