Starsky and Hutch/Dandruff

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Airdate November 14, 1978
Writer(s) Ron Friedman
Director(s) Sutton Roley
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The Avenger
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Black and Blue
Starsky and HutchSeason Four

Guest Stars: Rene Auberjonois (The Baron), Madison Arnold (Dinty), Blackie Dammett (Ellis), Tracey Walters (Leo), Jacques Aubuchon (Davidowsky)

Special Guest Stars: Audrey Meadows (Hilda Zuckerman), Norm Alden (Buddy Owens)

Co-Starring: Leigh Hamilton (Vivian), F. William Parker (Harry), Alex Rodine (Van Dam)

With: John Fujioka (Adachi), Yullis Ruval (Voluptuous Girl), Ed Wright (Old Man), Sydney Blake (Lorraine), Susan McIver (Nurse), Pearl Shear (Bernice)


Plot Overview

The Detective pair are working undercover at a plush hotel as effeminate hair-dressers Mr. Marlene and Tyrone, to trim the plans of an international master thief known as The Baron, who is expected to strike at the private auction of a highly valuable cache of diamonds.