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Down & Dirty
Season 3, Episode 11
Airdate December 5, 2005
Production Number 311
Writer(s) Matthew Miller
Director(s) Robert Duncan McNeill
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Las VegasSeason Three

Down & Dirty is the eleventh episode of the third season of Las Vegas, and the fifty-eighth episode overall.

Danny and Mike investigate two unique cases, one involving a missing "woody" at a porn convention, the other a poker tournament where a school teacher with no clue is beating all the pros.

Guest Stars: Mitch Longley (Mitch), Dean Cain (Casey Manning), Cheryl Ladd (Jillian Deline), Howard Lederer (Himself), Barry Bostwick (Martin), Ron Jeremy (Himself)


Plot Overview

The Porn Convention

There is a porn convention being held at the Montecito. Casey set it up, but says that he didn't realize that it was a porn convention at the time. There are a lot of porn stars walking around, getting naked at the pool, performing sexual acts at the bar, and causing a lot of noise in the rooms. Delinda and Mary have to clean up a lot of the messes created by the convention.

A porn producer approaches Mary complaining that he had his "woody" stolen. Danny and Mike take over, but aren't sure what he's talking about. A "woody" is an award given in the porn industry. Danny and Mike investigate. They look at the tapes and find a guy who is coming out of the producer's room wearing an employees nametag and uniform. They go to the employee, knowing it's not the same guy. The employee says that he was invited into one of the rooms where they were shooting a porn, and stayed for a couple of hours, but when he left he noticed that someone had stolen his uniform and nametag. Danny fires him.

Danny goes into the room where Ron Jeremy is staying. He suggests looking at the loser of the award, who was angry at the time. It is the producers of "Dodgeballs." Danny goes to the producer of this movie who is getting a massage. His assistant walks in, and Danny recognizes him as the guy who broke into the room. He chases him, and the guy falls into the pool. Caught, the guy admits that he stole it, saying it was a Christmas present for his boss.

Sam as Co-owner

Sam is excited to be the new co-owner of the Montecito, but isn't sure that Casey will honor it. He claims that he will. But later on he goes to Sam's room bringing a bottle of champagne, and tries to seduce her into giving up ownership. He offers her 1 million instead, but she isn't interested.

Someone approaches Sam with papers showing that she would have to prove that she is entitled to the casino, because Casey didn't obtain the casino until after she had left him. So she must prove that she was somehow involved. This makes it practically impossible for Sam to have a case. She goes to Casey angrily, but he tells her that she is the one who left him, and that he gave her a chance.

Montecito's new ad campaign

Casey has set up a hollywood producer to shoot a new commercial for the Montecito and wants Ed to be involved. He sees Ed as the new face of the Montecito; he wants to clean up the image of the hotel from Monica's days.

Ed tries to shoot the commercial but isn't comfortable as an actor. He forgets his lines and feels foolish like he is talking to himself. Jillian comes to see Ed, but recognizes the director who's name is Martin. They used to date. Jillian invites Martin to a dinner with her and Ed, but Ed wanted to help out on the case involving the poker tournament, but when Jillian suggests that she and Martin just eat alone, Ed changes his mind. At the dinner they are talking and Martin tells about a trip he and Jillian had while they were dating. He puts his hand on Jillian's, but this drives Ed to rage and he threatens the director.

Later while preparing for shooting the commercial, Martin approaches Ed and tells him that Ed has nothing to worry about because he's gay. Ed had no idea.

The Poker Tournament

The Montecito is holding a poker tournament. There is a new player here, a school teacher who didn't know anything about poker until she learned from watching it on T.V. Mike is a big fan, and used to be a gambler but has had to stop. He and Danny are watching the tournament when they find a small battery, which Mike thinks could be from an earpiece. They go to investigate. They go to the producer of the show and ask if it is possible that someone could be stealing the feed and using it to cheat. The technical adviser says that it is impossible and the producer sends them on their way.

They go to Casey about the possibility that someone is cheating. He tells them that he doesn't care if someone is cheating because they are giving away the 10 million anyways, and the publicity is worth the money they will lose, and so he tells them to just let it go.

However Mike won't let it go and does some investigating alone. On their security tapes he finds the guy who has the earpiece, and sees that he makes a signal in which the school teacher wins the hand. He tells Danny that he suspects that she might be the one cheating. They go to her room and find 2 people setting up equipment under her shirt, and think it's some type of system to signal what to do. However they find out that it's students who are measuring heart rate and seeing how it varies throughout the hand. They find out from other players that they are doing this too.

Mike goes and talks to one of the players who is an old friend. He tells Mike that he is suspicious about her also. He invites Mike to player at a game where there is a 10,000 dollar pot, and Mike plays, even though he's an addict. The producer goes to Ed complaining about the fact that Danny and Mike have been investigating, and that people are saying that the tournament is rigged. He threatens to take the tournament elsewhere and says that he wants heads to roll, but Ed tells him that he doesn't care what the producer wants, he's going to have his guys investigate any acts of cheating they think might be going on. He convinces the producer to allow Danny and Mike access to the truck where the footage comes in.

At the tournament it is down to two players, one is the teacher. Mike is suspicious of the teacher still. He is in the truck with the technical adviser, who seems to be hitting a button. This button is signalling a light to come on one of the cameras, which the teacher then uses to know to fold. However Mike stops the guy from interferring and the teacher goes into a hand at which she has nothing. However she gets lucky and the cards fall her way and she wins the tournament.

Later the technical advisor approaches her asking for his share of the cut, 50%, but she says that he doesn't get 50% because she won that last hand on her own, but he responds that he has made another deal. Danny and Mike step in with cops, who arrest the teacher.


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