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Hawaii Five-O/Death's Name Is SAM

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Death's Name Is SAM
Airdate October 10, 1975
Production Number 1310-1729-0551
Writer(s) Jerome Coopersmith
Director(s) Michael O'Herlihy
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Target? The Lady
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The Case Against McGarrett
Hawaii Five-OSeason Eight

Death's Name Is SAM is the sixth episode of the eighth season of Hawaii Five-O.

Guest Stars: John Colicos (Mr. Thorncrest), George Takei (Timor Ambok / Nathaniel Blake), Constance Towers (Mrs. Thorncrest), Darcy Hinton Cook (Carmen Hewitt), Bill Edwards (Jonathan Kaye), Herman Wedemeyer (Duke), John Chung (Mr. Lianuk), George Oshiro (Mystery Man), Robert Hopkins (Jordan), Albert Hughes (Executive), Kimo Hugho (Guard), Eric Landstrom (Young Man), Elissa Dulce (Nurse), Lani Kim (Hotel Clerk), Tom Nishimura (Watch Supervisor), Bart Fredo (Radio Operator), Winston Char (Dentist), Lou Frizzell (Pete Masters)


Plot Overview

An undercover cop and a helicopter pilot both aid McGarrett in his attempt to prevent radicals from blowing a plane out of the sky with a powerful anti-aircraft missile.