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Barbara Blank

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Barbara Blank
Birth name Barbara Blank
Born 1986 in Jacksonville, Florida ; Resides in Louisville, Kentucky
Notable Roles ECW, 1 Music Video, WWE Raw, Friday Night Smackdown
Notable Episodes June 13th, 2006 ECW on Sci Fi: Debut of Kelly Kelly's Expose
Awards Miss Heinken Girl (Jacksonville)

2006 Georgia Peachbuns Calendar (Ms.December)

Best Butt On The Beach (T.V show/Bikini contest)

2007 American Dream Calendar (Ms.April)

2006 Bourbon Street Calendar (Cover-Girl/Ms.July

2005 Winghouse Calendar (Ms.Febuary)

2005 Video Music Awards (Promo Model)



Wrestler: Kelly Kelly

Real Name: Barbara Blank

Birthday: January 15, 1987

Hometown: Jacksonville, Florida

Moved to Louisville, Kentucky

Marital Status: Dated Andrew Martin (Former ECW Superstar, Former TNA iMPACT Superstar)

Height & Weight: 5'5" - 108 lbs

Trained by: OVW Training

Debut: June 13, 2006 (ECW)

Previous Gimmicks: Kind Girl (Modeling)

Barbie Blank

Finishing Move: K2 (Leg drop Bulldog)

Favorite Moves: Diving crossbody


Kelly Killer (Handspring back elbow smash)

Leapfrog into an overhead kick

Rope-aided backflip into an arm drag

Slingshot sunset flip

Single-footed backflip evasion

Springboard arm drag

Tilt-a-whirl spinning headscissors takedown

Victory roll

Notable Feuds: Francine

Mike Knox

The Miz



Starring Roles

ECW - as "Kelly Kelly"

Guest Starring Roles

Featured in Timbaland ft. The Hives - Throw It On Me, Music Video as Barbara Blank

Specials and Made-for-TV Movies

ECW Strip Poker Special - as Kelly Kelly

Talk, News and Game Show Appearances/Other (Promo Model) (Promo Model)

Published work in Vogue

Numerous Club Flyers

Surf The Poles

Hosted Partys (Globe Nightclub)

Ms.Daisy Duke

Tony Little (Promos)

Hawaiian Tropic

Kind Girl

Notable Film Roles

ECW As Kelly Kelly

OVW As Barbie Blank

Memorable Moments

June 13, 2006 ECW on Sci Fi: Barbie Blank debuted in a segment called "Kelly's Expose" where she performed a strip tease (Originally She was supposed to strip nude, But WWE Programming Deny's Nudity)

July 11, 2006--ECW on Sci Fi: Kelly Kelly was joined by RAW's Candice Michelle Beckham-Ehrlich for the July 11th edition of Kelly's expose

January 23, 2007--ECW on Sci Fi: Kelly Kelly & Layla El & Brooke Adams did a dance routine and called it Extreme Expose.. (This Became A Weekly Thing)

May 22, 2007--ECW on Sci Fi: Extreme Expose (Kelly & Layla & Brooke) introduced the video "Throw It On Me" by Timberland

Awards and Accolades

Miss Heinken Girl (Jacksonville)

2006 Georgia Peachbuns Calendar (Ms. December)

Best Butt On The Beach (T.V show/Bikini contest)

2007 American Dream Calendar (Ms. April)

2006 Bourbon Street Calendar (Cover-Girl/Ms. July)

2005 Winghouse Calendar (Ms. February)

2005 Video Music Awards (Promo Model)


Did you know, Kelly Kelly is Currently Dating Andrew Martin Aka Test From ECW


Did you know, Kelly Kelly has never won a wrestling title

Did you know, Kelly Kelly had The Best Butt On The Beach Award Of 2007


Did you know, Kelly Kelly is a Natural Blonde


Age : 20

Chest : 34C

Hips : 34

Waist : 24

Height : 65

Weight : 108

Shoesize : 7.5

PantSize : 1

Hair Color : Blonde

Hair Length : Medium

Eye Color : Blue

Skin Color : Tan

Ethnicity : Caucasian (Catholic & Jewish)