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Alias Smith and Jones
pilot movie
Airdate January 5, 1971
Teleplay by Glen A. Larson and
Matthew Howard
Story by Glen A. Larson
Directed by Gene Levitt
Produced by Glen A. Larson

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The McCreedy Bust
Alias Smith and JonesSeason One

Alias Smith and Jones is the pilot of Alias Smith and Jones. It aired as part of the ABC Movie of the Week and was picked up as a series just two weeks later.

Starring: Pete Duel (Hannibal Heyes / Joshua Smith), Ben Murphy (Kid Curry / Thaddeus Jones)

Starring: Forrest Tucker (Deputy Harker Wilkins), Susan Saint James (Miss Porter), James Drury (Sheriff Lom Trevors), Jeanette Nolan (Miss Birdie)

Special Guest Star: Earl Holliman (Wheat Carlson)

Co-Starring: Dennis Fimple (Kyle), Bill Fletcher (Kane), John Russell (Marshal)

with Charles Dierkop (Shields), Bill McKinney (Lobo), Sid Haig (Outlaw), John Harper (Outlaw), Jon Shank (Outlaw), Peter Brocco (Pincus), Harry Hickox (Bartender), Owen Bush (Engineer), Julie Cobb (Young Girl)


Plot Overview

Hannibal Heyes and Kid Curry are members of the Devil's Hole Gang, but it is the 1880s and they are finding that technology is making it very difficult to be a successful robber of banks and trains.

When Sheriff Lom Trevors finds that the Governor is happy to extend amnesty to Heyes and Curry, the boys jump at the chance. However, there is a catch - the amnesty must remain a secret for twelve months, and the boys must prove that they have earned it before it can be granted to them.

Thus - Mr. Joshua Smith and Mr. Thaddeus Jones are born.


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